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11423590_s[1] (2)I want to extend my gratitude to you for visiting this site!                                               

I am a true psychic (clairvoyant and clairsentinent) and I have been in touch with the God Source along with benevolent spiritual beings for many years. I am able to access different dimensions for truly profound advice. Presently, I live in the beautiful Four Corners area where the earth energies are astounding! Also, the veil between the   dimensions is thinner if you are attuned.

I offer detailed and personal intuitive readings (with no Hype!) and for a very reasonable rate. I can help to clarify many issues for you. This guidance can help with getting closer to life, relationships, career and the future. I can either e-mail several pages of spiritual guidance writings from the readings or email an MP3 recording of the readings. You also have your choice of the reading on CD. And for those who still prefer a printed mailed copied, there is that option also.

For more in-depth information of my readings and what and how I can assist you, you can go to my website more devoted to intuitive readings which is:  

The amount for each reading will be at the bottom of each individual description of the reading page. The amount and a short description is also listed under the (Services) page at this website.

Tips on how to order and use the shopping cart are listed under- (How to Order) at this website- the one that you are on now.

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